Meghan Markle "walked our halls": Students watch royal wedding at her L.A. school

Royal Wedding

LOS ANGELES -- Dozens of students packed a gym Saturday morning at Meghan Markle's former school, Immaculate Heart High in Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A., to watch her wed Prince Harry, CBS Los Angeles reports. Markle attended Immaculate Heart High, an all-girl private Catholic school, where she graduated in 1999.

Far from Windsor, Immaculate Heart got into the spirit of the royal wedding, with students showing up in their pajamas as early as 2 a.m. to snag a spot in the school gym.

"I think it's really cool because now she's becoming royalty, and she's just a really cool inspirational person who like walked our halls," student Riley Stein told CBS Los Angeles. 

While attending Immaculate Heart, Markle was actively involved in theater, student government and community leadership. The school community has been inspired by her humanitarian work in Africa long before she began dating a prince.

"I think it's amazing to see a strong woman, and I want to promote that, one of the reasons we go to this school is to promote being a strong, giving, caring woman in this society," parent Stacy Johnson said. "So to see that, somebody that was like that can become this, and maybe make an impact on the rest of the world, that's a pretty amazing thing."

"She's a good inspiration for all of us, and I heard about all the service she did, and that she did a lot of service, and she was just a really good person, so I want to follow in her service steps," student Tulsa Johnson said.