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Roy Moore accuser says she added notes to his yearbook inscription

Beverly Young Nelson, one of several women accusing Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday that she amended notes to what she says is Moore's inscription in her high school yearbook.

Nelson came forward in an appearance alongside her attorney, Gloria Allred, in a press conference last month to accuse Moore of assaulting her when she was a teenager and he was 30. Nelson claimed that Moore had attempted to force her to perform a sex act on him when she was in high school, and offered what she said was a note Moore left in her yearbook by way of proof.

The message in question reads: "To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House."

Moore's campaign quickly pushed back on the allegation and insisted that it was not his handwriting. They also noted that Moore was not a district attorney – or D.A. – at the time, and was actually an assistant district attorney.

"I've got a question for Gloria Allred and Ms. Nelson," Moore's lawyer, Phillip L. Jauregui, said in a November press conference. "Do you still hold that everything written in that yearbook was written by Judge Moore? Or was it written by somebody else? That's not an allegation, it's a question."

Jauregui called on Allred and Nelson to release the yearbook to neutral experts who could speak to its authenticity. Allred said at the time that she would release it to an independent investigator if relevant Senate committees opened an investigation into Moore.

While still insisting that Moore signed her yearbook, Nelson now says that she added her own notes. 

"He signed your yearbook?" ABC News' Tom Llamas' asked Nelson in an interview on "Good Morning America." "He did sign it" Nelson she responded.

"And you made some notes underneath?" Llamas asked. "Yes," Nelson said, with Allred sitting next to her. "Good Morning America" did not ask -- and Nelson did not say -- when her notes were added. 

Allred says she will hold a press conference Friday to reveal more evidence backing up her client's claims, which have been fully denied by Moore.

The special election for Alabama's Senate seat will be held on Tuesday. According to a recent CBS News poll, Moore leads Democrat Doug Jones in the race. 

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