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Romney's "Two Man" Two-Step

After Sunday's Republican debate in Florida, Mitt Romney's spin room surrogates were telling reporters that it was going to come down to a "two man race" between their candidate and Rudy Giuliani.

Now Romney is saying as much himself, if not in such direct terms. The Associated Press reports that Romney said the race for the GOP nomination would come down to the former New York City mayor and a representative of the Republican Party's conservative base.

Perhaps someone like Mitt Romney?

``Those of us who represent that base will find that we can get that support and ultimately face up one-to-one with Mayor Giuliani,'' Romney said in Iowa. ``At that point he'll have a more challenging time because I do not believe the Republican Party is going to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House by acting like Hillary Clinton.''

Romney has obvious reasons for casting the race as a two man battle, especially with Sen. John McCain and Mike Huckabee surging and Fred Thompson remaining a significant threat. The former Massachusetts governor hopes to convince voters and the press that there are only two real players in the game, and that Giuliani's loyalties might lie at least in part with the opposition.

That why Romney, who has said he speaks for "the Republican wing of the Republican Party," is hammering Giuliani for his position on issues like abortion. ``I think his positions are not entirely aligned with the mainstream Republican voter," said Romney today.