Romney's Ready For A Hot Bath After Voting

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

BOSTON -- After casting his ballot in his hometown of Belmont, Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was looking forward to spending a few hours at home for the first time since Christmas.

"We have a lot of mail," he said to reporters as his wife Ann stood at his side. "And you know, a hot bath, what do you think Ann?"

"Sounds good," Mrs. Romney replied.

After his disappointing loss to Mike Huckabee at the delegate convention in West Virginia — a state the Romney campaign thought it would win — Romney did not take questions from reporters. Instead, the former governor of Massachusetts simply reflected on the momentous occasion.

"The opportunity to vote for yourself for president is really something I had never expected to be able to do," Romney said. "It was a great honor and very humbling to think that we've come to a point in life where our friends have rallied around us in such an extraordinary way that we have prospects of becoming the nominee of our party to be the President of the United States. We have a lot of work to do before that happens, of course."

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    Scott Conroy is a National Political Reporter for RealClearPolitics and a contributor for CBS News.