Romney faces high expectations in upcoming debate

Six weeks out from Election Day, President Obama has momentum on his side, CBS News political director John Dickerson said Friday on CBS This Morning. Mitt Romney, however, has a chance to change the dynamic of the race on October 3, in the first presidential debate in Denver.

"The expectations couldn't be higher for Mitt Romney in these debates," Dickerson said.

Mr. Obama at this point has an advantage in multiple swing states, according to the polls. New NBC/ Wall Street Journal polls released Friday show Romney trailing the president by two points in North Carolina and Nevada, and by seven points in New Hampshire.

The president will try to shore up support in Nevada ahead of next week's debate by spending three days there for debate preparation. He'll also have at least one campaign event there.

"What that does is stir up the Democrats in Nevada so they can get those votes banked," Dickerson said, explaining that most Nevada voters are expected to cast their ballots before Nov. 2 this year.

"The experts say that basically by the time we get to Election Day, it may be over," Dickerson said of the race.

Watch Dickerson's "CTM" analysis in the video above.