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Romeo Santos talks next album, "Furious 7"

Romeo Santos performs onstage in front of tens of thousands of people -- yet he doesn't get nervous. But showing up on the set of "Furious 7"? Now that's a different story.

The Grammy-nominated Latin singer told CBS News he was "very nervous" while shooting the new "Fast & Furious" film in which he plays Cristian Marambio.

His role is a very minor one; Santos, of course, is best known as a Latin singer and "the king of bachata" music. The New York City-born Santos rose to fame in the bachata group Aventura and has more recently been performing solo. His latest album, "Formula, Vol. 2," came out just last year -- but Santos, 33, plans to start working on the follow-up very soon.

But first? He's touring the world, dabbling into the acting scene and teaming with Dr Pepper for its Dare to Discover initiative, which encourages fans to "dare to discover" the unique flavors of Dr Pepper -- and life in general.

Read on for more from Santos:

On his 2015 tour: "We've been touring for about a year now and we extended the tour...We're also going to new arenas and new countries. We're going to be doing bigger venues in markets that we've already been to like Argentina. We're going to do big stadiums with capacities for 45,000 people...We're doing 17 dates in Europe. We're going to Rome...We're also coming back to the United States."

On whether he gets nervous performing live: "I think there's always a certain adrenaline. It's a feeling that's hard to describe in words. I wouldn't say nervous. I get very anxious. Every night is different...You know people are getting excited to hear your music, but it's like starting from scratch every time you get onstage...It's weird, sometimes I do get nervous but once I go onstage it goes away. I think that energy that they deliver -- it's a beautiful thing.

On going solo: "For me being the lead singer, songwriter, producer and the lead voice [of Aventura] - they always allowed me to make decisions in the group. So this is more like a continuation for me...I don't have to worry about the other fellows -- 'Would they be happy with this?' So it is a different dynamic in certain ways."

On his next album: "When I take so long recording an album -- like a year and half, two years -- once I release the album I try to stay away from the studio and listen to different types of music. When I begin recording I have a whole different vibe when it comes to music -- so not to sound repetitive because that can happen. Especially when you're creating and producing your own music, you have to explore...I'll probably begin recording my new album in about five months."

On his songwriting process: "All year long I'm recording melodies in my phone. That never stops. Even ideas -- like topics and themes for songs and anything I think might be interesting for the next album. I always write down my concepts and ideas. As far as me recording, that's where I take my time to actually go in the studio to record. I'm always creating. I'm always writing something -- mainly melodies. I can go two months without any ideas, but then go for two consecutive weeks or months recording melodies and ideas."

On "Furious 7": "It's a minor participation but I'm truly honored that I was considered for this part. I'm really good friends with Vin [Diesel]. I've always said I'd rather have a small participation in a huge project than the other way around. I was always waiting for the right part and the right moment and I think it came at the right time. I'm really excited. It's just amazing for me to show people there's more to Romeo than just music."

On "Furious 7" and loss of actor Paul Walker: "It's very unfortunate. I've always been a fan of Paul and the whole 'Fast and Furious' franchise. When I was called I was saddened by the situation, but also happy about my participation in the movie."

On what it was like on set on "Furious 7" (due in April): "I was very nervous. It's a whole different dynamic. You're not Romeo the singer. The entire cast made me feel so comfortable. But I walked into the set very very nervous."

On whether he wants more acting gigs: "Oh, absolutely, yeah. I would love to as long the project makes sense. For me it's more of a time-frame. With a movie you can be there for months. And most of the time I'm either touring or recording an album."

On appearing in upcoming movie adaptation of "Angry Birds": "I was very excited to do that. I did that in the comfort of my home. I have my own recording studio -- via Skype with the directors directing me. It was really cool. I think people are going to really enjoy that."

On why he wanted to team with Dr Pepper: "I've always been very picky what brands I affiliate myself with. Dr Pepper is really cool. I like their concept. It's something that really makes sense. The whole one-of-a-kind campaign...It's an honor that they've decided to bring me on board for a second year."

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