"Robot cat" blends everything the Internet loves

(CBS News) There is a long-running premise that the Internet loves cats. (Which seems more fact than theory, in this blogger's opinion.) It also tends to love technology, humor, the bizarre and offbeat, and... well, just about everything that is this video above. You've seriously got to see this innovation in robotics that is sure to become an Internet sensation. (And possibly meme.)

The possible future of felines 2.0 video was posted by EFPL News (short for "École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne") who write about the robot on display:

Thanks to the design of its legs, which faithfully mimic feline morphology, EPFL's four-legged "cheetah-cub robot" shares the advantages of its biological model: it is small, light and runs very fast. In the long term, this type of machine, which is still in an experimental stage, could be used in search and rescue missions or for exploration.
Even if "Fluffy" or "Admiral Snuggles" aren't being replaced by this technology, I think I can predict their reaction to it in one simple image. Though, all kidding aside, this technology, along with many we've seen coming out of Boston Dynamics recently, is completely fascinating in my opinion! And to check out more from EFPL News, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.