Rob C. Gets The Ol' Heave Ho!

The last time he was on "Survivor: The Amazon," Rob C. schemed and plotted his way to the final three. This time, however, he met his match early on as he was outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted by Boston Rob.

"I didn't necessarily think that he was going to protect me," Rob C. tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith about his alliance with Boston Rob. "I had read some books before I left about how to tell when people are lying to you. I knew he was being deceptive about something. I thought that he was deceiving me that he had actually had the third partner in his alliance, Big Tom, and I was only the fourth wheel, which I was happy to do. I just didn't know Alicia had been taken in instead of me."

At Tribal Council, Rob C.'s pick was Alicia, he says, because he thought there was enough animosity between her and Boston Rob. But he did think Sue was going to be tossed from the tribe before him.

"And I love Sue," Rob C. says. "Sue was clearly the outsider out of the group. She hadn't been getting along with people from day one. I had voted for Alicia because she had butted heads with Boston Rob a bunch of times. I thought she was more outspoken with the other players than I was and I thought that she would have been a good candidate to go instead of me."

As for his thoughts on Amber's game, Rob C. says, "I think Amber only had something to do with my demise in the fact she was just another vote for Boston Rob. The problem was, I would have liked to have voted off Amber but because those two had a bloc. I couldn't get the pieces together to break them up because Sue and Tom didn't get along. And Alicia and Amber have a tight bond because they were on Australia together. I don't think Alicia would have been too hot to vote off Amber. It's tough, I really got a lousy draw for a tribe. I didn't have any winners. I had done the best out of anybody on my tribe and I really didn't have anybody that was too amenable to work with me."

Rob C. says his strategy was to be under the radar, considering that most people in the tribe knew the way he played the game in "Survivor: The Amazon."

Looking back at his game, he says, "I don't think it was the wrong strategy, because I think that if I would have been over the radar and I would have come in wheeling and dealing from day one, they would have said, 'Oh, we got to get rid of this guy.' I tried to be under the radar and hopefully they would forget about what I did. And they still said,'Get rid of this guy.' It was damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Having been called by show host Jeff Probst: "The smartest player to have never won 'Survivor,'" Rob C. says it was really disappointing for him not to be able to stay longer in the game.

He says, "I love playing 'Survivor.' And I had all this time and preparation and all this time to get ready to go play. And then to get voted out the first time they go to Tribal Council and be blindsided like I was. It was very disappointing."

His last words on the show were: "I feel like I was kind of targeted unfairly. It's going to take a little while to swallow this one."

Now that time has passed, he says, "I was just very disappointed at the time. But I can't even say that I was mad because I think it's a dangerous precedent for me to say that I'm mad to get played like that when I've done it so many times to so many other people."

Knowing what he knows now,he says the only thing he would have done differently was to keep a closer eye on Boston Rob.

"The thing that I should have realized is that Boston Rob and I had become friends. After my season, he had confessed to me a bunch of times and had said to me, you know, 'Rob I couldn't go anywhere when your season was on without people coming up to me and saying this Amazon Rob, he's the best,'" Rob C. says, imitating Boston Rob's accent. "You know, I think it got to him and I think he might have had an agenda. And it looks to me like he might have been gunning for me. So I think I shouldn't have been as trusting as I was."

As on the Amazon, it appeared at first that Rob C. was not pulling his weight. Asked if that contributed to his demise, he says, "Last week, they had gotten mad that I wasn't finding enough supplies, and when we did the Home Depot challenge, I thought I was going to get to use the tools and do fun stuff. But they told me, 'Go hike up and down the beach and look for wood all day.' After eight hours, you get a little tired."

A turning point for him perhaps would have been being part of the immunity challenge, which his tribe ended up losing.

Asked by a caller who decides who sits out and who plays, Rob C. explains, "It's a team decision. And we found that the people that had won the previous challenges on their respective seasons doing the best challenges over again tended to go in. I had the reward challenge from the Amazon. But the trick is you can't sit out back-to-back challenges. And we have sat out two: Sue and Tom for the reward challenge. So they had to be in. Rob was strong. And Alicia had done a blindfold challenge in Australia. I thought Boston Rob would be able to put the puzzle together because he is in construction. That is essentially putting things together. I hope his foreman wasn't watching."

Rob says the tribemate who really is playing the game well is Big Tom. "I don't think that he gets as much credit as he deserves. But he's playing a smart game. He's not really alienating anybody, except for Sue, but that's a whole different story.

Big Tom is playing the game. I don't think anybody wants to get rid of Big Tom," Rob C. says.

A caller points out that in the last episode when Jenna M. was saying goodbye to everyone, she hugged everyone and they didn't show her hugging him. Asked if there is nimosity between the two of them and between some of the other players, Rob C. says, "There's definitely a lot of animosity between other players. But myself and Jenna, we get along great.

"We talk all the time. I've known Jenna's mom since the last season and I met her a bunch of times and that was very sad when I found out that she had passed away. And I get asked a lot why didn't I hug Jenna. And I did. You just didn't see it on the show. I don't know why they chose not to show it. We get along great. She's one of my dear, dear friends."

Next for Rob C. is stand-up comedy and speaking about "Survivor."

"I'm pitching some TV shows. I have a lot going on," he says.

Here is a recap of Thursday night's episode:

It was a dark and stormy night on "Survivor: All-Stars," as the episode opened to show all tribes enduring one of the torrential all-night downpours typical of Panama's rainy season.

Once the tribes dried out, there were shelters to rebuild, food to catch, a memory game to master and finally, a battle of wits as tribe members competed to build a huge cube puzzle to win immunity; a contest that resulted in the Chapera tribe's first defeat, and ultimately ended with Rob. C being voted off the island.

The hard rain put the tribes' hand-built shelters to the test, and some fared better than others. Chapera and Mogo Mogo managed to catch some sleep in their above-ground structures. The Chapera tribe's Rob M. and Amber even managed to stay warm with a little late-night cuddle session the "Survivor" cams caught on tape.

But the Saboga tribe was left homeless after the rains washed out their sub-sea level shelter; a circumstance that led Rupert to declare digging the team's home down into the sand his "dumbest idea ever."

The tribes arrived at the reward challenge to find a full bathroom ensemble, including toilet, shower, shampoo and toothpaste up for grabs. The challenge was a memory game -- a deserted island version of "Go Fish!" rather than a physical competition.

Each tribe member got a box full of beach items, like coral, shells, and driftwood, and kept the contents hidden from the other Survivors. The objective of the game was to ask other contestants to forfeit matching items to form pairs. Each match counted as one point, and the tribe with the most points took reward.

Chapera was the big winner. The reward also included the final clue to unlocking their rice chest, so the team was not only clean, but fortified for the immunity challenge by a hearty meal.

In a much needed morale-boosting victory, Saboga was the big winner at the immunity challenge: a puzzle game in which one tribe member from each of the three teams acted as a guide, shouting commands to blindfolded tribemates as they stumbled around the sand to locate large building block puzzle pieces.

With all pieces collected, all teams were in a race to build a human-size Rubik's cube. Saboga finished first, and Mogo Mogo second. Both won immunity, sending Chapera to its first tribal council.

Rob M. and Rob C. forged what proved to be a rickety alliance. Though they shook hands on the deal, Rob M. changed his tune at tribal council, and -- after confessing his attraction to Amber -- joined the rest of the Chapera tribe in sending Rob C. packing.