Right Jeans for Every Man

President Obama, who's gotten high marks for his sense of style, struck out with fashionistas with the jeans he donned when he threw out the ceremonial first ball at baseball's All-Star Game last month.

Whether or not you're commander in chief, there are simply jeans that will flatter you and others that won't.

On "The Early Show" Friday, GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport showed how every man can get his denim wardrobe just right.

Do you think the predident's jeans were really as bad as they've been made out to be?

They weren't egregiously bad, but (Mr,) Obama is so seemingly stylish the majority of time, he kind of flows, never looks like he tries so hard, but people expect so much from him. They were less Obama-esque than people expected. He set the bar so high for himself; the key point to remember is just because you're a dad, you don't have to wear "dad jeans."

What made these jeans so bad?

They're not that offensive. This type of jean is too much of the comfortable, high waist fit, stone washed; they looked like he bought them like that. Dark, unwashed denim is the style we like, and we like when ylu wear them out on your own. Those were very "dad jeans."

What are your three top rules for men to remember in choosing jeans?

• I think no more bootleg jean -- straight leg only.

• Dark denim-hard stiff denim.

• Your jeans should rest on your hips, not your waist-no high waist dad jeans.

Do these apply for all ages?

Absolutely. These rules apply for all men. Jeans are not trousers, so there is automatically a different fit, but still appropriate. You can wear "higher-waisted" jeans, just not "high-waisted."

No one wants to see a man of a certain age with his underwear showing.

Tell us about your first look that you've put together, a work look. How do you pick jeans appropriate for work?

You'll know what's appropriate. You need dark jeans that should be uniform, not super flared, the closest thing to a basic jean as possible, no embellishments, simple, dark and straight.

A night out requires a different fit for jeans, right?

Similar to work, but you lose the tie. It's OK if they're slimmer; you could wear them with a dark shirt. But at night, and always tuck your shirt in! You don't have to have a belt

What about on the weekend? What kind of jeans should we be looking at for a more casual look?

These are a better version of (Mr.) Obama's jeans; these are relaxed jeans that looks more authentic -- not that even, stonewashed quality. These are for around the house or going to a baseball game.

Should you wear running shoes with your jeans?

A cardinal rule is that running shoes are for running, they are not to be worn with jeans. You should wear basic white sneakers, or basic loafer-type shoes.

It's summer, and women are always concerned about wearing white. Do these same rules apply for men? Who can't wear these jeans?

We've seen them a lot in the last year or two; this is a very cool, summery look, with flip flops. It's nice to have that. It's a very seasonal look, for going to the beach or summer activities. When it comes down to it, it is still just a pair of jeans, still cut the same way -- they're just white.

Jeans for work

Jeans: APC New Standard, $155
Clothing and accessories:
J. Crew blazer
J. Crew shirt
J. Crew tie
Florsheim Royal Imperial shoes

Dress for work jeans: dark jeans with shirt and tie, sport coat, works shoes. It's a professional look: crisp, modern and sharp.

Jeans for a night out

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs, $78
Clothing and accessories:
DKNY shirt
Omega watch
Banana Republic shoes

Night out jeans: dark, slim jeans, dressy shirt. No tie. Slip-ons.

Jeans for the weekend

Jeans: Martin + Osa, $89.50
Clothing and accessories:
Oliver Spencer tee shirt
Superga sneakers
Model's own glasses

Weekend jeans: If you're going to go with a lighter-wash jean and distressed look, then do it right and do it well. Don't wear the too-loose, too-light, too-lame-colored jean. And never "stone-washed." Go relaxed with a t-shirt or a good short-sleeved button-front shirt. But do "weekend" well and go "all the way" for the best "distressed" look.

White Jeans for the beach

Jeans: Levi's Capital E, $158
Clothing and accessories:
Lacoste polo shirt
Sperry Topsiders