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Rick Sanchez Tells Jon Stewart Sorry, Wife Says

Jon Stewart and Rick Sanchez Getty/CNN

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez apologized to "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart Monday, four days after the journalist called the comedian a bigot during a satellite radio interview, according to a post on the Facebook page for Sanchez's wife (account required).

Suzanne Sanchez wrote that her husband was "caught up in the banter and deeply apologizes to anyone who was offended by his unintended comments."

"they had a good talk," Suzanne Sanchez wrote. "jon was gracious and called rick, 'thin-skinned.' he's right. rick feels horrible that in an effort to make a broader point about the media, his exhaustion from working 14 hr days for 2 mo. straight, caused him to mangle his thought process inartfully."

In the interview with satellite radio host Pete Dominick Thursday, Rick Sanchez suggested that members of the Jewish faith control the TV networks and said that Stewart is bigoted toward "everybody else that's not like him." CNN fired Rick Sanchez Friday.

On Monday night -- the first "Daily Show" episode since Rick Sanchez's comments were broadcast -- Stewart opened the show by lampooning Sanchez. Stewart didn't mention having a conversation with Sanchez or an apology.

Perhaps there wasn't enough time to fit the apology into the show. Suzanne Sanchez published her post about the apology at 4:29 p.m. Monday, according to Facebook's time stamp. "The Daily Show" typically tapes in the early evening.