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Rhino crushes tour guide to death in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- A game park director says a rhino crushed a tour guide to death at a private nature reserve in Zimbabwe.

Kate Travers, director of the Imire Game Park, said on Wednesday that Tafadzwa Gosho died on Monday night after he was crushed by a rhino he was tending to.

Travers said Gosho was "an experienced rhino handler" and that such attacks were rare. The Imire Game Park is about 425 miles from the capital, Harare.

On its website, the Imire Game Park is described as "an intensive black rhino breeding station," which has successfully released 11 rhinos into the wild.

Last month an experienced guide was mauled to death by a lion, while leading a walking tour through Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.

Quinn Swales was leading six tourists on a walking safari when he spotted fresh lion spoor and decided to track a pride of lions consisting of two females, two cubs and two males, according to the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

Killing of Cecil the lion raises questions about conservation

The collared lion, named Nxaha, attacked Swales, the parks authority said.

In July, Dr. Walter Palmer of Minnesota was at the center of worldwide controversy after it was discovered he paid two tour guides $55,000 in Zimbabwe to go on a lion hunt.

A beloved animal, Cecil the Lion, was fatally hit with a crossbow. Allegations of poaching surfaced as Palmer and his tour guides were accused of luring the lion out of a secured area.

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