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Retrofit Your Old PC with Bluetooth

bluetoothusbSeveral of the cool gadgets I'll be pointing you to, like the mouse-that-fits-into-your-laptop I mentioned last week, require Bluetooth in order to interact wirelessly with your computer. And while the majority of new laptops and desktops come equipped with Bluetooth, most older models (like my Dell Inspiron) do not. But there's an easy—and extremely cheap—way to make your older model Bluetooth compatible, as Cnet's Crave blog points out.

For $3 (after rebate), you can now buy a USB Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter for your PC that allows data transfer at up to 3 Mbps and has a range of 10 meters. Now you can unclutter your desk with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, printer, and even speakers. Plus, you can buy two adapters to allow your old laptop and desktop to keep in touch.

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