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Republican Heartthrob

Even his Uncle George, who's accepting the Republican nomination for president tonight in Philadelphia, calls him "the hot member of the family."

He's George Prescott Bush, 24, the eldest son of Florida Gov. John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, nephew of Texas Gov. George Walker Bush, grandson of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and great-grandson of Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush of Connecticut. He's also the Republican Party's putative sex symbol.

On Thursday night, the telegenic George P. - not to be confused with George W. - took his boldest stop yet into the family business. Following in the tradition of John F. Kennedy, Jr., another handsome scion of a famous political dynasty who once spoke at a national political convention, George P. took the stage of the First Union Center and addressed the party faithful.

In a bilingual speech, coming just over an hour before his uncle's address to the delegates, Bush touched on a theme the GOP has hammered home throughout the convention: the party's commitment to inclusion and diversity.

"I am an American," Bush said to a delighted crowd, "but like many, I come from a diverse background. And I'm really proud of it, and I respect leaders who respect my heritage."

He also spoke of the commitment both he and his uncle have to education. "My uncle and I share emails," George P. said, "and they're not about the Florida Marlins or the Texas Rangers. They're about education. It's an interest that I share with my uncle and my dad."

George P. called George W., "a good man, un hombre de grande sentimientos, who loves his family and his country."

As he concluded his brief remarks, he exhorted the cheering delegates with a message that combined family and country: "Now is the time to restore a sense of honor and decency to the White House. We can do that by electing my uncle the next president of the United States. Que viva W! Que viva Bush! Que viva los Estados Unidos."

George P. has been keeping a high profile at this week’s Republican convention, where he’s been busy stumping for his uncle. The campaign is counting on the rising GOP star to drum up support among young voters and, because he's half Mexican, Hispanic voters, as well.

His dad, the Florida governor, admits to being surprised by the fuss people are making over "this George."

"I remember this George when I was putting diapers on him. And now he's a hunk," said Jeb Bush. "I'm having a little problem with this."