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Report: Samsung fire caused outages on devices, smart TVs

Owners of Samsung devices and smart TVs may have experienced an outage on Sunday.

According to the tech blog Engadget, a fire at Samsung's data center in Gwacheon, South Korea caused the outages. Customers posted photos of the fire on Twitter, and complaints that the Samsung Hub and were down, the blog reports.

However, according to the Korea Herald, the electronics giant denied the fire affected smart TV services.

The Herald reports that the fire took place on the fourth floor of the data center, spreading to the floors above. Samsung said in a statement given to the Herald that the data stored at the center has been moved to another data center in Suwon, Korea.

No casualties were reported, and the cause of the fire remains a mystery.

"We will fully cooperate with the authorities to figure out the exact cause of the fire and the level of damage," Samsung SDS said in a statement.

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