Report: "Dirty Dancing" party for Kate Middleton

Now that Prince William has celebrated his stag/bachelor party, it's Kate's turn.

The soon-to-be member of the royal family is reportedly planning to go "Dirty Dancing"!

On "The Early Show," CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter said Kate's a big fan of the movie and plans to celebrate with a party themed around the Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey romantic drama with her gal pals and family.

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Middleton's sister, Pippa, Arbiter said, is also planning bachelorette party festivities, known in the U.K. as a "hen weekend."

Arbiter explained, "It won't be what a lot of British brides are used to, which is an all-out party. ... But apparently, Pippa has reserved places at four different sites in London. She's going to tell the girls on the day where they need to be and exactly what the activities are."

News of Kate's pre-wedding fun comes on the heels of Prince William's stag party this past weekend.

Arbiter said the event was "very demure" and "low-key" for the prince, who celebrated a weekend with about 20 close pals in Norfolk at a friend's estate.

"I'd imagine there won't be any pictures that sneak out from that one, likely," co-anchor Erica Hill remarked to Arbiter on "The Early Show."

"I'd doubt it," Arbiter said. "William has got such a loyal group of friends. I think we'll just have to imagine that one."

Arbiter added the couple's parties are happening early because the pair is staying busy prior to the wedding.

William and his side of the family, in particular, have a packed schedule prior to the wedding date.

"Harry needs to go to an expedition to the North Pole with four wounded vets," Arbiter said. "They're raising money for charity. The weekend before the wedding is Easter. It would be a little unseemly for the future head of the Church of England to be out getting bombed that weekend. And then William has got a couple of royal engagements, his commitments with the royal air force. And so this weekend seemed the most solid."

In other wedding news, Hill asked about the couple's vows.

She remarked, "You can't change much about the marriage ceremony in the Church of England."

"That's right," Arbiter said. "We're very, very traditional here. And it's rare for couples to write their own vows. The queen and Princess Anne both had very traditional vows where you promise to love, cherish and obey. It seems a little archaic these days. Diana was the first and only royal bride to omit the word obey. William is the future King of England. We will all have to obey him. So, I'm hoping Kate stays modern and doesn't do it."

Arbiter said more has also leaked about Kate and Camilla's relationship which, it turns out, is reportedly a good one.

"Camilla has taken on the role of mentor almost," Arbiter said. "She knows how hard it is not only to enter the royal family, but prepare yourself to be the future potential Queen of England. Diana, it was sort of, get married and go. She was just left to her own devices, which was incredibly difficult. Camilla has helped Kate tremendously, and in return, Kate has had a few nods towards Camilla. Her oldest granddaughter is one of the bridesmaids. She's only 3. And the London Chamber Orchestra is playing at Westminster Abbey and Camilla is their patron."

But the royal wedding is not going to be just classical music associations. In fact, Elton John has reportedly stepped in to throw William and Kate a big party with lots of famous guests.

Arbiter said, "He's not confirmed his party yet but he's known for legendary parties. He lives in Windsor, so it's just a stone's throw from the royal residence. Victoria and David Beckham are great friends of Elton John as well and they're supposedly going."

Arbiter added, "I feel for Victoria Beckham, because she is so excited to be pregnant, but these pictures are going to last forever and I'm not sure she wants to be so pregnant.

Hill replied, "I have an idea if anyone is going to look good and glow, it's going to be Victoria Beckham!"