Report: Apple exec refused to apologize for Maps


The head of Apple's iPhone software development was asked to resign after he refused to sign a letter apologizing for the flaws of Apple's mapping application, according to a published report.

The Wall Street Journal says Scott Forstall's refusal was the latest clash between him and other executives, and led to the company's announcement Monday that he is stepping down and leaving the company next year.

Forstall's unit was responsible for the Maps application, which was unfavorably compared to the Google Maps app it replaced.

Apple also announced the immediate departure of John Browett, a British retail executive who took over Apple's stores in April.

Apple came under fire for dropping Google Maps from its latest mobile operating system iOS 6, which is pre-installed on all iPhone 5s.

The new mobile operating system dropped the Google Maps app, which had been included in the iPhone since its initial release in 2007, opting for its own Apple Maps app instead.

CEO Tim Cook apologized to Apple fans for not meeting expectations in a letter posted on Apple's website.