Remembering The Reagans

<b>Mike Wallace</b> Looks Back

No reporter knew Ronald and Nancy Reagan like Mike Wallace did.

This Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Wallace looks back at his interview with the Reagans at their beloved ranch in California, and at his special interview with the former first lady done just a few years ago.

In it, Nancy Reagan talks about living with the president in his final years, watching her husband deal with Alzheimer's disease.

She told Wallace she can tell immediately when disease has him in its grips: "A different look in the eyes," she said. "A whole different look. You know, it really... it's been said often, of course, and it's
true, it really is the long, long goodbye."

The nation's 40th president will be remembered for a lot of things, but Correspondent Dan Rather looks at Mr. Reagan and his sense of humor. Even through his darkest days -- the assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. -- Ronald Reagan knew the value of a good line.

The hour-long program, devoted almost entirely to the life and death of the former president, begins at 7 p.m. ET/PT