Refinancing This Mortgage Makes Sense

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Refinancing This Mortgage Makes Sense

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I currently have a 15 year mortgage with 13 years remaining on the loan with a 4.75% interest rate. I am thinking about refinancing it with a 10 year mortgage. Mortgage interest rates look like 3.25-3.75%. My question is this: is it worth the expense of closing costs to do this? I plan to retire in early 2014 and would have about 10 years on my current mortgage versus 7+ on the refinance if I did it now.


Great question Melody!
To answer this question, I'll need to make a few assumptions. Let's assume a loan of $200,000 and $2,500 in closing costs, which would be typical. Now let's run the numbers to get to the answer.
· The total interest you will pay over the remaining 13 years on the current mortgage would be $61,879
· The total interest you will pay on the new 10-year mortgage would be $37,326
So here's the deal: if you continue with the current mortgage, you will pay about $61,879 in interest over the next 13 years.
However, if you refinance to the 10-year mortgage, with an interest rate of 3.5%, and pay $2,500 in closing costs, the total of the closing costs and interest paid over the next ten years will be $39,826.
So, the ten year mortgage will save you over $22,000 of interest over the next ten years.
Another advantage is that you'll have paid off your mortgage three years earlier, and since you plan to retire soon, that is a big advantage.
The one downside of the ten year mortgage over the current mortgage is that it will have a larger monthly payment. The monthly payment for the current mortgage is $1,556, and the payment for the 10-year mortgage is $1,978.
So, just be sure you have the spare cash flow to make the larger payment, and you should be good to go!
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