Redesigning the Lincoln

"When you were at Cadillac, you know, you guys were on a run over there," said Reynolds. "Did you ever think you'd wind up at Lincoln? I mean what did you think of Lincoln when you were at Cadillac?"

"Well, I mean, Lincoln is still one of the great American luxury nameplates," Wolff said. "The opportunity to come and be part of really the revitalization or the re-imagining of one of America's great luxury names was an opportunity just too good to pass up."

So let's cut to the chase.

"One of the key things that we did on the front of this car was introduce these kind of horizontal elements in the grill," Wolff explained.

He and his team of 25 - working for the first time in their own Lincoln design center - have come up with the 2013 MKZ.

"There's this one single line running through the body. It's got a very, almost uninterrupted kind of silhouette running through it."

Inside, the gear shift is gone, replaced by push buttons on the dash. And even a re-designed back end has the word Lincoln spelled out across it (in case people wonder what it is).

"Were you surprised that you went to a guy who designed Cadillacs to sort of put a new look on Lincoln?" Reynolds asked Edsel Ford II.

"I don't think it makes any difference where he comes from," Ford said. "He's got great taste. And he's got a great ability to do our Lincolns for us, and now you can see what he's done.

"I just think my grandfather Edsel would be just thrilled with the way things are today."

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