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How does Josh Brolin's performance stack up against President George W. Bush? Helen Mirren's against the real queen? Or Forest Whitaker's against dictator Idi Amin? View these exclusive clips from the CBS News archives and judge for yourself.

Josh Brolin As President George W. Bush
In "W.," Josh Brolin, right, plays U.S. President George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's film examining the 43rd President of the United States. Click on the link below to see how a scene from the film compares to footage of an actual presidential address that took place April 13, 2004. (Photo: CBS/Lionsgate)

Helen Mirren As Queen Elizabeth II
In "The Queen," Helen Mirren, right, plays Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in Stephen Frears' film about the period following the sudden death of Princess Diana in 1997. Click on the links below to see Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II and to see CBS archive footage of the Queen at Princess Diana's funeral procession in 1997. (Photo: Laurie Sparham/Miramax Films/AP)

Forest Whitaker As Idi Amin
Forest Whitaker, right, portrays Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in "The Last King Of Scotland," a film based on events that took place during the tyrannical dictator's regime in the 1970s. Click below to see Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin in "The Last King Of Scotland" and to see CBS archive footage of the real Idi Amin. (Photo: 20th Century Fox/AP)

Toby Jones As Truman Capote
Toby Jones, right, is Truman Capote in the film "Infamous," which explores the writer's relationship with convicted murderers as he researches his book "In Cold Blood." Click on the links below to see Toby Jones as Truman Capote and to see Capote himself at the Black and White Ball in 1966. (Photo: Warner Independent/AP)

Ben Affleck As George Reeves
In "Hollywoodland," Ben Affleck, right, portrays actor George Reeves, TV's Superman who was found dead in his home in 1959. The film chronicles a detective's investigation of Reeves' mysterious death. Click below to see the movie's trailer and CBS archive footage of George Reeves himself. (Photo: Focus Features / AP)

Philip Seymour Hoffman
As Truman Capote

In "Capote," Philip Seymour Hoffman, right, portrays the writer Truman Capote as he probes the mind of a killer to write "the first non-fiction novel." Click on the links below to see a clip of Hoffman, as Capote, explaining his affinity for a killer. Next, Capote, in an interview from the CBS News archives, talks about his famous Black and White Ball. (Photo: Sony Pictures Classics/AP)

Joaquin Phoenix As Johnny Cash
In "Walk the Line," Joaquin Phoenix, right, plays Johnny Cash as he achieves country music stardom while battling drug addiction and pursuing the love of his life. Click below to see a clip of Phoenix as Cash on a frenzied search for drugs. Below, an older Johnny Cash talks about his bad old days in an interview from the CBS News Archives. (Photo: 20th Century Fox/AP)

Cash in an interview

Reese Witherspoon As June Carter
Reese Witherspoon, right, plays June Carter Cash, the country singer who falls for Johnny Cash and tries to save him from a downward spiral into drugs, in "Walk the Line." Click below to see a clip of Witherspoon onstage as June Carter. Then, see June Carter Cash talk about her troubled early days with Johnny. (Photo: 20th Century Fox/AP)

David Strathairn As Edward R. Murrow
In "Good Night and Good Luck," David Strathairn, right, portrays Edward R. Murrow, the CBS newsman whose broadcasts exposed the excesses of the anti-Communist crusade led by U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Click below to see a clip of Straithairn in the studio as Murrow. Then see Murrow's actual introduction to the historic "See It Now" segment. (Photo: Warner Independent Pictures/AP)

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