Readers' Tips for Achieving Better Balance

Last Updated Oct 21, 2008 10:36 AM EDT

413289937_c4bc203700_m.jpgLast month, I wrote about the tips some Businessweek readers offered on how to create a work-life balance. Given our increasingly precarious economic climate, it's become more important than ever for people to find meaning and purpose outside the office and to find some big-picture perspective.

I invited BNet's readers to weigh in with their own ideas on how to achieve this, and no surprise here: They had some great suggestions.

mouza wrote:

It is so simple, work is work, home is home, party is party, yoga is yoga. Give every single thing the time it needs without letting it interfere with the other.
ayeshadawson said:
A goal-oriented, and prioritized personal life will help reduce disorganization and stress.
Big Projects offered:
Having a prayerful life will help you achieve this balance.
the limority report noted:
The less possessions you have, the less stress you have and the more time you gain.
pekingduck chimed in:
Get to know your body and listen to it: the physical and emotional symptoms that signals that it's time to STOP! Learn to say: NO! Be confident when you say it, and you'll be surprised how others will respect you for it. Follow your passions. Laugh. Breathe. Share. Love.
And Enrico Pallazzo summed it up:
Make the "life" part of the equation a higher priority. I have kids, and when I go home, I would be doing my family a great injustice if I was distracted by two things from work while I'm reading about Things One and Two, ya know?
Thanks for the great tips.

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