Rahm Emanuel: Washington is dysfunctional

Mayor Rahm Emanuel sat down with Scott Pelley to discuss Chicago's gun violence problem.
CBS News

(CBS News) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told CBS News' Scott Pelley that he has to run a city despite Washington's "dysfunctionality."

"I'm gonna try to come up with different strategies to do a breakout because I'm not gonna get stuck in their dysfunctionality and I'm not gonna get this caught in the fact ... they have their own budgetary issues," he said.

He said ideology has "become an impasse to progress," which he calls a mistake. "You should not be more loyal and more of a slave to ideology. Be pragmatic, make a decision," he advised Washington politicians.

Emanuel, a former member of Congress and chief of staff to President Obama, pointed to Congress' recent debate over the extension of the highway bill.

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"I could not wait for Washington to get a highway bill. And even when they get it, it doesn't have everything we need to do. So we've made certain decisions that we need," Emanuel said.

"We're doing things in the city of Chicago have nothing to do with philosophy, have nothing to do with ideology, have to do with making sure that taxpayers get - and residents get - what they deserve," he said.

In a portion of the interview that aired Monday on the CBS Evening News, Emanuel also discussed efforts to curb Chicago's rising murder rate. Watch the video below.

And tune in later this week to hear Emanuel tell CBS News what he's doing about jobs and the economy.