Quick and humorous look at when animals attack (sort of)

(CBS News) We tend to highlight the adorable side of animals here at The Feed. But let's face it: sometimes they can be outright scary. So how about we take a quick look at two cases of "when animals attack" starting with a silly prank played at a construction site in the video above.

While the snake in the prank is actually a fake (dig the rhyme?), I'd be running away as fast as I could, too. Your blogger here is not a fan of snakes (and spiders), to say the very least.

And next up in our quick look at the darker side of animals is one of my new favorite animal antic videos of 2013 so far. Watch this sloth coming menacingly towards you very, very slowly. I swear, if you don't run (err, walk) away soon, he might end attack you... well, in about a day or two.