Pushing your girlfriend off a cliff is never a good idea

(CBS News) I'm not necessarily the best person to talk about relationships with an ongoing single and "forever alone" status in place. But if there is one rule and piece of advice I can definitely impart on all of you, it would be this: never, ever push your girlfriend off of a cliff ledge! Watch one couple's relationship begin to fall-ter (see what I did there?) at around 2:15 in the video above.

"I'm breaking up with you!" Priceless. Guys, take note and learn from this: pushing your girlfriend off a cliff (unless you possibly want to be featured on Crimesider) is never a good idea.

The tongue-in-cheek clip actually comes from the shoot we posted about the other day with Devin Graham and Carl Shay doing some extreme and insane rope swinging, and is a very welcome bonus to highlight here on The Feed! And to check our more amazing work by Devin Grahambe sure to click here for our previous posts on him or click here to go to his YouTube page.