Millions of demonstrators expected to flood the streets of Venezuela's capital

Massive demonstration planned in Venezuela
Massive demonstration planned in Venezuela 01:54

Caracas, Venezuela — Millions of demonstrators are expected to flood the streets of Venezuela's capital on Saturday. Students are hard at work, making signs for what's shaping up to be the mother of all protest marches.

"We are really scared to go to the streets but we know this time it's something really worth fighting for," said Ana Ferreira, a student leader.

They are fighting to force President Nicolas Maduro out of office. But his rival and interim replacement, Juan Guaido, warns it won't be easy. Dictatorships don't give up without a fight, he said. 

Just this week, 70 people have been killed, most of them very young. 

Alixon dos Santos was one of the victims. At 19-years-old, he joined tens of thousands of Venezuelans protesting against Maduro last Saturday.

Things got ugly and government forces started shooting. Alixon died from a single bullet, and he was buried by neighbors and family on Tuesday.

Nivea, his step-mother, is keeping a shrine to his memory in their tiny apartment. Alixon died protesting against Maduro, she said, but the fight has to go on. Her other son will be among the protesters this weekend. 

"You see how we're living," she told CBS News. "How many more have to die before we get the change we so desperately need?"

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