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Venezuelans plan for mother of all anti-Maduro marches on Saturday

Venezuelans plan massive anti-Maduro march
Venezuelans plan massive anti-Maduro march 01:38

Caracas, Venezuela – The Venezuelan government has claimed it thwarted a plot to assassinate sitting President Nicolás Maduro, as the country's political crisis continues to escalate. Vice President Mike Pence is heading to Miami Friday where he's expected to drum up support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó. 

Guaidó has said Venezuelan special forces intimidated his wife and infant daughter at their home on Thursday, but police deny the claim.

The colossal political power struggle playing out in Venezuela is fueled by the fury and the misery of millions of ordinary people who used to have decent lives, reports CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer. 

Ari Gallegos is one of them. His family now scrapes by on $10 a month.

"What would you say to America right now?" Palmer asked.

"Wow. Please help us. How long do we have to wait? We're hungry. We have nothing," Gallegos said.

The people who have poured into the streets blame Maduro for bringing Venezuela to its knees, and Gallegos fears for his two sons.

"I hope that they leave the country," he said.

Gallegos – crutches and all – is planning to join what is going to be the mother of all anti-Maduro marches on Saturday. Venezuela's opposition wants to ratchet up the pressure now that the whole world is watching, and taking sides.

Battle for power in Venezuela 02:27
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