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Protests erupt across the U.S. and turn deadly in Texas

Weekend protests turn violent
Man killed in Austin, Texas, as weekend protests turn violent 02:41

Peaceful protests were upended by violence across the country over the weekend. Intense clashes broke out in multiple cities, focused around police brutality and seemingly escalated by President Trump's plans to send in more federal enforcers.

Many demonstrators say the violence undermines their message.

In Austin, Texas, about 100 people were marching when shots rang out, killing 28-year-old Garrett Foster.

Police say Foster, who had protested regularly since the death of George Floyd, was legally carrying an AK-47 at the time. He and other protesters, according to authorities, surrounded a car after the driver turned aggressively toward demonstrators.

The driver opened fire, striking Foster before speeding away. The driver later called 911 and claimed Foster pointed a rifle at them before they fired in return.

In Aurora, Colorado, tragedy was averted as a blue Jeep barreled through a sea of protesters who quickly parted to avoid being hit. Police say one person opened fire, wounding at least one other demonstrator.

Police declared a riot in Seattle Saturday night after vandals set fires and destroyed property. Authorities deployed tear gas and pepper spray. 

Daryl Breaux, whose car was seriously damaged in the melee, said those using the demonstrations as cover for mayhem are drowning out the positive meaning of the protests.

"Almost 45 years I've been Black. This is what Black Lives Matter does? I'm not with it," Breaux said.

Those protests drew inspiration from Portland, where people have been gathering for nearly 60 days and nights. Tear gas was fired again Sunday with some using signs and leaf-blowers to push the gas back to the officers.

Peaceful protesters, including two nurses, were caught in the crossfire.

"That was my first time being tear-gassed, and it's not fun," one of the nurses said.

"There's nothing violent about our protest," the other said.

Other peaceful protests have been popping up all over the country. Mr. Trump meanwhile continues to double down on federal officers and is now planning to send them to Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia.

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