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Proof from Reader That This Blog Works

This morning, a comment that I just HAVE to share with you appeared on the post "QUIZ: What's the Best Time to Cold Call." It's proof (anecdotal, but still nice to see) that this blog is really helping people make their quotas. Here's the comment:
I'm new to sales, so I'm really enjoying all these articles. I scheduled my cold calls around the date and times you suggested. It worked. I made 3 phone calls and I got one sale. Not good, but not bad considering that I'm new in the sales game. Thanks.
Of course, anyone who has been in sales for a while knows that, for a novice especially, getting a sale from only three cold calls is an incredible success rate. Most call callers consider themselves lucky if they have a one out of ten conversion rate... and that's just to qualify a lead and turn it into a prospect.

While there may have been some luck involved, and probably some raw talent, I can't help but feel that this reader benefited from calling at the right time and (just as importantly) having the confidence that comes from knowing that you're doing the right thing.

READERS: Anyone else have some success stories to share? I'd certainly love to read them, and will feature them in a post, along with any identifying information that you might want to include. EMAIL ME!

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