Project Runway

This week the designers are designing an outfit for jetsetters, and those jetsetters are themselves! They get to design, in one day, an outfit for themselves for $75.

Jeffery finds the need to still bring up the last challenge when he had to work with Angela's mom. Let it go already. He says all these things in front of Angela, which I think is real disrespectful. Jeffery tries to defend himself by saying that it's not personal against Angela's mom, it's just she was his model and he has trouble with her.

It's hard to not find something personal when someone is talking about your mom. If Angela was talking about his mom in that manner I think he would be singing a different tune.

Michael gives Kayne some runway lessons. I am totally in love with Michael. His urban fresh designs combined with his great attitude make him a clear frontrunner for me.

Kayne makes a Liberace-inspired suit with a colorful butterfly pattern on the back. I think it's cool but it may be a little over the top.

Jeff makes a suit for a rock star. Tommy Lee needs to call him. Great skinny pant and dark purple. Villain or not, he's good.

Angela clearly loves her rosettes — maybe a little too much. I think she is going home. Her outfit is dowdy and bland. Laura looks amazing in a beige colored dress. Her tailoring is outstanding.

Michael, LOVE HIM! He made a white cargo pant with a white zip-up top.
I thought it was great. Uli made a patchwork print dress. Uli loves her prints. Vincent never made menswear before and it showed. It was basic black pants and shirt, but it was somewhat clean.

Remember, they told them to design something THEY would wear, so personal preference I think means a lot here. Michael Kors might not like it, but they do.

Twist alert! The designers are going on a trip to show if their outfit can travel. They have one hour to pack and get to the airport!

Where are they going? ... PARIS! They fly to Paris in their outfits and all held up OK. The designers are shuttled off to Parsons, Paris. Who knew? Catherine Malandrino is the host judge for the "Paris" leg of this competition.

The bad news is that one designer is going to have to turn around and go right back to the states … ah, the jet lag. It's between Kayne and Angela in the bottom two and Angela goes home. The winner is Jeffery. It was close between Michael and Jeffery but Jeffery won out.