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'Principles Of Good Parenting'

Being a parent today requires split-second decision-making and reacting to your kids on a moment's notice. But many parents may think they could be better parents if they had more time to think things through.

Psychologist Laurence Steinberg has written a new book, "The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting," which is designed to be a helpful guide for all parents.

"My argument in the book is we ought to parents, mindful of what studies say works, creating kids who are happy, healthy and successful," Steinberg tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm.

Here are some of the principles parents can apply to children of any age, according to the author:

What You Do Matters
"I think the parents have lost their bearings. They're bombarded with information about how their kids are influenced by the Internet, mass media, peer-groups, genetics. The point remains: There isn't a single more important influence over your child's influence than you as parent."

You Can't Be Too Loving
"I think parents get worried about spoiling their kids. Spoiling is about giving them material things instead of genuine love. But there isn't a single study that's ever found that kids are harmed by their parents being warm and affectionate toward them."

Be Consistent
"If your child is having problems in behavior, the first thing I would check is your own consistency as a parent. Inconsistency is one of the biggest contributors. I mean consistency in two ways. Consistency from day to day, so don't have one set of rules that you enforce on Tuesday, but then forget about them on Wednesday. But also, consistency with your partner."

Explain Your Rules and Decisions
"Kids at all ages need some kind of explanation. That's going to make them comply more. Your 4-year-old doesn't need a half-hour dissertation on why you have a simple rule. Even a sentence will help the child comply."

Click here to read an excerpt from "The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting."

"Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting" is being published by Simon & Schuster, which is owned by the same parent company as CBS.

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