Prince Harry puts on dancing shoes in Jamaica

Prince Harry
Prince Harry dances at a charity designed to support inner-city youth in Jamaica.

(CBS News) Prince Harry danced with young people in his blue - and, quite possibly, suede shoes - at a charity designed to support inner-city youth in Jamaica Tuesday.

At the photo-op appearance, the prince was pulled to the dance floor for a turn with a young performer who was part of the group.

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Prince Harry's tour is to help celebrate his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne. Each of the prince's stops have been in commonwealth countries, former British colonies that share a continued allegiance to the crown.

In Jamaica, where the queen is head of state, some have questioned whether they need Great Britain at all. At least this week, that's turned a prince into chief diplomat.

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Pictures: Prince Harry

Just two months before the prince's visit, Jamaica's Prime Minister Portia Simpson said the nation should break from England. "We will initiate the process of our detachment from the monarchy," she said in January. But when Prince Harry met Simpson Tuesday for a private lunch, they had a very public hug.

The prince also caught up with Olympic gold sprinter Usain Bolt on his tour of the Caribbean this week. The royal was dressed down when he met the sports star and mimicked his signature "lightning bolt" pose at a Kingston, Jamaica, athletic track.

The 27-year-old prince also "competed" with Bolt in a mock race. Bolt, the world's fastest man, proved to be the prince in that situation, letting Harry win.

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