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Prince Harry: "I'm definitely not a diplomat"

Prince Harry has wrapped up his first solo royal tour in the Caribbean, helping to celebrate his grandmother's 60 years on the throne - her Diamond Jubilee.

The 27-year-old prince spent the weekend in Brazil, where he sat down for an interview with CBS News correspondent Seth Doane. Despite the sometimes noisy interview setting - helicopters kept landing behind them - Doane said the prince was incredibly warm and generous with his time, calling him "a very cool guy" to meet.

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Though the prince said he's not a diplomat, Doane said "it's clear that he's doing more than just pageantry up there."

A transcript of the interview is below. More of the interview will air Tuesday and Wednesday on "CBS This Morning"

Seth Doane: You grew up in a family where both your mother and your father were very active in charities. As a kid, do you remember dinner table conversations about that? Did that motivate you in any way?

Prince Harry: No, probably not, to be honest with you. Dinner conversations was the worst bit about being being a child and listening - listening to the boring people around me. (Laughs) Well, you can imagine the kind of dinner parties I had to go to at a young age.

Doane: What were they like?

Prince Harry: Pretty dull. (Laughs) But yeah, no, I mean - yes, conversations with my with my mother, father, my grandparents, you know, as I've grown up, has obviously driven me towards wanting to try and make a difference as much as possible.

(Watch left, Prince Harry on his organization, Sentebale.)

You know, we are - my brother, myself, all of us, we're-- you know, I can only speak for the two of us. We're very privileged in the position that we are. But, you know, with privilege comes great responsibility, is what they say. And, you know-- it's amazing what the title that we have before out name, what effect that can have on-- on a country, on a charity, or whatever. So, yeah, we're slowly coming to terms with and accepting the fact that, you know, the name can make a huge difference, therefore, you know, you've got to use it.

Doane: Do you have to come to terms with that?

Prince Harry: Yeah. Because, you know, there's a lot of times that both myself and my brother wish obviously that we were just, you know, completely normal. But, you know, we've been born into this position. And then therefore, we'll do what we need to do to make a difference to the to people and to kids that need it, you know? It's, it really is that simple for us.

Doane: Let's talk a bit about the last 10 days you've had. You've rather masterfully changed the discussion. When you went into this, the press was all talking about where you might party. Now they're talking about what a diplomat you are. How do you think you've done?

Prince Harry: I'm definitely not a diplomat. I've come representing my grandmother essentially. I hope that she would be proud of not just me, and I hope everybody else would be proud of not just me, but what we as a group have achieved over the past 10 days.

All these countries are the first time that I've visited them. We've had so much fun. To be honest with you, right for the word "go" - I knew this was the way that had to be. These are countries that don't take themselves too seriously. They enjoy life. Everything's fun. You've got to get along with them. You can't just sit there with your arms crossed, and wearing a tie or whatever. You've got to relax, you've got to go with the flow. That's when you get a chance to see what the country's like, what the people are like. But with them showing all the warmth that they have, you've got to give something back.

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