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Prince Harry ends 10-year career with the British Army

As of Friday, Prince Harry has officially left the Armed Forces after 10 years of service.

When his decision to leave the Army was announced earlier this year, General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff said that Prince Harry had "achieved much in his ten years as a soldier. He has been at the forefront throughout his service."

"Inevitably most good things come to an end and I am at a crossroads in my military career," the British royal said back in March.

Harry spent more than three years training for and becoming an Apache helicopter pilot. His active duty included two tours that brought him to the front lines in Afghanistan. The prince also brought attention to wounded veterans from Great Britain, the U.S. and British allies.

"After a decade of service, moving on from the Army has been a really tough decision," Harry explained in a statement. "I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do some very challenging jobs and have met many fantastic people in the process. From learning the hard way to stay onside with my Colour Sergeant at Sandhurst, to the incredible people I served with during two tours in Afghanistan -- the experiences I have had over the last 10 years will stay with me for the rest of my life. For that I will always be hugely grateful."

In his last few months of service, Harry with the Australian Defence Force. Harry will soon head to Africa for volunteer work focused on learning how local communities in sub-Saharan Africa are working to protect and conserve their natural resources and wildlife. This fall, he will work with Ministry of Defence's Recovery Capability Programme.

Harry says he will continue to wear his uniform and "mix with fellow servicemen and women" for the rest of his life.

Prince Harry leaves British military after 10 years of service 02:53

As for the future? Prince William's younger brother is mulling his options, saying he's excited about the possibilities.

"So while I am finishing one part of my life, I am getting straight into a new chapter. I am really looking forward to it," he said.

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