Prince Fielder borrows fan's sunglasses mid-game

Prince Fielder uses a fans sun glasses 7/14/11
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Until now, most fan-player game interactions have fallen into four categories: drunk fans storming the field to get closer to players, fans throwing stuff (beer, snowballs, etc.) at players, fans fighting players, or players eating fans' food.

Now we can add a new category: players borrowing fans' sunglasses.

It happened Thursday when Milwaukee Brewers' first baseman Prince Fielder was having trouble with the sun's glare at Coors Field in Denver. He couldn't locate his shades in the dugout so he borrowed a pair from a friendly fan behind home plate.

Maybe blue-eyed Josh Hamilton, who recently lamented how the sun was hurting his batting average, should follow suit and borrow some sunglasses from a fan in the front row at Rangers Ballpark. After all, George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan have been known to wear some pretty cool shades.

  • Stephen Smith

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