Preview: Charlie Rose talks to NJ Gov. Chris Christie

On the flip side, his shoot-from-the-hip style could just as easily turn off voters or draw more scrutiny to the ticket if he shoots too far. Also, he's not well-loved by the Tea Party wing of the GOP. In this photo, Romney looks on as Christie speaks during a rally at Exeter High School on Jan. 8, 2012, in Exeter, N.H.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

(CBS News) Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," Charlie Rose will be live from Tampa, Fla., where he's covering the Republican National Convention. On the first full day of the convention, Charlie will talk with NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who is set to deliver the keynote speech at the convention. Christie spent much of Monday in Tampa, speaking to Republican delegates from California and North Carolina. On Sunday, Christie attended a rally for New Jersey's delegates and referenced a comment that made waves last year when he told New Jersey beach goers to get off the beach before Tropical Storm Irene hit his home state.

"They brought me down on Sunday just to make sure if there's any idiots on the beach, to tell them to get the hell off the beach," Christie joked. Tuesday morning, he will talk with Charlie Rose about his hopes for the Romney campaign and his thought on the race for president.

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