Powerball winner possibly caught on tape

(CBS News) The mystery of the Powerball winners may soon be solved.

The winners of two tickets sold in Arizona and Missouri have yet to publicly step forward. Missouri officials are holding a news conference Friday to identify one of the winners who will split a record $588 million jackpot.

The other winning ticket, sold in Arizona, might be in the hands of a man in Maryland, who may have been caught on tape when he found out he hit the jackpot, reports CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds.

Surveillance video captured the man as he casually walked into a Maryland gas station Thursday. He dug into his pocket and pulled out what seems to be a wad of lottery tickets before checking to see if he's a winner.

Seconds later he pumped his fists, claiming his ticket - which he said he bought in Arizona - was indeed a winner.

He showed it off to a store clerk, who said it matched all six numbers. That, the clerk said, "was when he said, 'I gotta get out of here.'"

Then the man turned to other customers, who took a closer look.

"He said, 'Is this the right number?'" one customer recalled. "And I said, 'Yeah, that's the right number, you got them all!'"

Just as quickly as he entered, the man was gone

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Lottery officials haven't yet named a winner in Arizona. All that is known is that the lucky ticket was purchased at the Four Sons food store in Fountain Hills.

"Of course we're very thrilled that a player of the Arizona lottery is one of only two winners in the United States," lottery spokeswoman Karen Bach said.

Arizona's winner will have to share the record $588 million dollar jackpot with someone who purchased their ticket a thousand miles away at an unassuming truck stop in the town of Dearborn, Mo.

"This machine would've been the one that did it," said employee Kristi Williams.

Employees were already buzzing about the news Thursday. According to CBS Affiliate KCTV, the lucky man may be local resident Mark Hill, but Missouri lottery officials haven't confirmed that.

Hill's son Jason claims his dad has the winning ticket: "I'm very happy for him. He's worked very hard his whole life, and he won't have to anymore."

For the 500 folks living in Dearborn, just being close to something so valuable is quite a thrill.

"It's just awesome that one of us could have touched the ticket," said Williams. "I mean, that's what makes it so awesome."

Arizona's winner has until May 27 to claim the fortune.

Lottery officials say whoever it is should sign the ticket, keep it safe, contact lottery officials - and get a good financial adviser.

For Dean Reynolds' full report, watch the video above.