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Post Thanksgiving Workout

Thanksgiving officially starts the holiday season, and most people kick it off with a huge feast. So you probably are thinking about how much weight you're going to gain throughout the holiday season with all that shopping to do, parties to attend and eggnog to drink.

On Friday's Early Show Minna Lessig has some tips to keep your exercise routine going even when you think you don't have the time.

Despite popular belief, instead of trying to spend more time on the treadmill the morning after Thanksgiving (when you've eaten more than you can remember eating), it's actually better for your body and your digestive system to take it fairly easy. Playing catch with the kids, doing light stretches and even yoga moves are better for your body than overexerting yourself because you think you ate too much.

Minna has a compound exercise routine that hits all of your muscles but only takes a short time. You can choose to make the workout longer or shorter depending on your own time constraints - it all depends on how many reps and sets you do of each exercise.

The first exercise is a squat with bicep curls combo using exercise tubing, which will work your thighs and biceps (obviously).

Pushups with straight leg lifts are next, to work your chest, shoulders and butt.

Leg circles are third. This Pilates move targets your abs, lower back and legs. It's also something a lot of people probably haven't seen before.

Last, Minna shows wide rows and hyperextension superset on the exercise ball that works your upper and lower back and the back of the shoulders.

And to keep yourself motivated, buy a new pair of sneakers or a new exercise outfit - anything that will keep you in the mood to keep yourself in shape.

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