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Poll: Rate Clinton's Speech

The majority of Americans think lying can never be justified - be it lying in general or lying about sex. In the latest CBS News Poll, more than two-thirds of Americans say lying is never justified. And a similar majority thinks it is never acceptable to lie about sex.

Now, join our online commmunity in telling us what YOU think. Take our poll and then give us some of your thoughts on the Clinton/Lewinsky matter. We'll post some of the responses later in the day.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Bill Clinton is handling his job as President?

Don't know

Are you satisfied with what President Clinton said in his public statement tonight, or does he need to say more?

Needs to say more
Don't know

Has Bill Clinton's statement made you think better of him, worse of him, or hasn't Bill Clinton's statement affected your opinion of him one way or the other?

No effect
Don't know

Bill Clinton has now admitted he had an inappropriate physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Do you think Bill Clinton:

Should have admitted this sooner
Did the right thing by waiting until now to admit this
Should never have admitted this relationship with Monica Lewinsky
Don't know

Now that President Clinton had testified before Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's grand jury and has made a public statement, what do you think should happen?

Clinton should resign
Congress should begin impeachment proceedings
The matter should be dropped
Don't know