Police: BTK Planned To Kill Again

Confessed serial killer Dennis Rader, who called himself the BTK strangler, arrives at the El Dorado Correctional Facility Friday, Aug. 19, 2005, in El Dorado, Kan. Rader admitted killing 10 people in a 30 year span and was sentenced to serve 10 consecutive life terms. (AP Photo/Jeff Tuttle)
As Dennis Rader begins serving his sentence, questions remain whether there are other unsolved murders he could have committed to which he never confessed, perhaps after the death penalty was reinstated in Kansas in 1994.

Authorities said Friday they can connect 10 murders to the BTK killer, although they have evidence that Rader was involved in other burglaries.

But they also acknowledged they never linked Rader to two Park City murders until he confessed to them after his capture. Rader had planned to kill again, and had even set a date: Oct. 22, 2004, Police Chief Norman Williams said Friday.

Williams declined to identify the victim, who lived near Wichita.

FBI special agent Kevin Stafford said investigators believe a person with Rader's personality type would have told police about additional murders. Kansas Bureau of Investigation director Larry Welch said that during Rader's interrogations, authorities "couldn't shut him up."

"If there are any additional, he would have told us," Williams said.

Authorities said there is also no evidence pointing to him in any unsolved cold cases.

Rader, 60, was transported Friday to the maximum-security El Dorado Correctional Facility. He got the stiffest sentence the law allowed: 10 consecutive life terms with no chance of parole for 175 years. Kansas had no death penalty at the times of his crimes.

Authorities said on the ride to the prison, Rader inserted himself in conversation, commenting on the scenery and media coverage of his case. At one point, a radio station played the emotional testimony of victims' family members from his sentencing, Sedgwick County Sheriff Gary Steed said.

"He stared out the window," Steed said. "And when he turned and looked at me he had tears in his eyes."