Points West

This 1956 Aerocar is one of only five in existence and the only one to still be fully functional both as an airplane and a car.
This weekend, CBS News Sunday Morning turns its attention to the west in a special "theme" program.

First, Correspondent Jerry Bowen looks at the California car culture. Its influence has spread throughout the nation, from drive-thru restaurants to drive-by shootings.

Reporter Ray Summers of CBS affiliate KOIN-TV visits the restored movie houses of Portland, Ore., and Critic John Leonard offers some obs California's contributions to American culture.

As for celebrities, there will be profiles of Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame, and Cheech Marin, whose focus has shifted from comedy to collecting Chicano art.

Also on tap is a stop in Seattle, to learn about a fleet of wooden boats, their heritage and their caretaker.

And, of course, Correspondent Bill Geist will check in on the final two legs of his trip from the East Coast to the West Coast.