Play Games Without the Boss Finding Out

Need a five-minute game break to refresh your brain but can't risk getting caught by the boss? Head to Can't You See I'm Busy, where you can play three familiar arcade games that look exactly like work.

First up is Breakdown, a Breakout-style game that takes place in a faux word processor. Instead of using your paddle and ball to knock out bricks, you knock out words in your "document"! A tap of the space bar (i.e. Boss Key) pauses the game and hides the ball.

Next, Leadership combines Lunar Lander with PowerPoint as you guide your spaceship through line graphs. (I've highlighted the lander in yellow below, because that's just how good a fake this is.) Again, the space bar hides all evidence of gameplay.

Finally, there's Cost Cutter, in which you click like-colored bar graphs to keep them from reaching the right side of the screen.

There's a fourth game coming soon, but no details yet on what it is. Any guesses? Space Invaders meets Outlook?

Obviously we're not encouraging anyone to goldbrick, but for those times when you desperately need a diversion, these are perfect.

While you're at it, check out SpreadTweet, a Twitter client that does an amazing impression of a spreadsheet.