Pixar names main building after Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via CBS San Francisco

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been memorialized on the Emeryville, Calif. campus of Pixar Animation Studios.

The Pixar Times reported Tuesday that the Pixar main building is now known as "The Steve Jobs Building." Pixar employee Junn Lee tweeted a picture of the building with its new name atop the entranceway.

Pixar likely wouldn't be the company it is today without Steve Jobs. In the mid-1980s, the company was having trouble staying afloat under the leadership of famed director George Lucas. After his ouster from Apple, Steve Jobs paid Lucas $5 million for Pixar's technology rights. He then invested more and more cash to finally buy out the entire company.

That cash infusion led Jobs to take on the role of Pixar's chairman. He also eventually became the company's chief executive officer. After "Toy Story" became Pixar's first mega-hit, the company took off, leading some to believe that if not for Jobs, the studio would have folded. After several subsequent film successes, Jobs sold off Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion in 2006.

Steve Jobs died last year at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer. In addition to receiving honors at Pixar, Jobs has also been memorialized at Apple's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.

This article originally appeared on CNET.

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