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Pilot Goes Extra Mile

Capt. Denny Flanagan has a glowing reputation among frequent fliers and other passengers on United Airlines lucky enough to land on his flights. There are glowing comments about him on travel chat boards.

Flanagan, you see, pulls out all the stops when it comes to attending his passengers, as CBS News transportation correspondent Nancy Cordes discovered.

He invites children into his cockpit, takes photos of pets and, when his flights are delayed, the snacks are on him! He even holds raffles and giveaways!

The veteran pilot is, says Cordes, truly a first-class captain, "on a mission to inject some humanity into an experience that, let's face it, these days can seem pretty dehumanizing."

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On his flights, unaccompanied minor always get a window seat, and their parents back home, a phone call from the father of five, straight from the plane.

"It's called working from the heart. It's just working from the heart," Flanagan told Cordes.

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