"Pianists In Paris" is a sweet rendition of Jay-Z & Kanye West's hit song

(CBS News) We showed you just a few moments ago a new twist on a classic wedding song. And once we start with music here at The Feed, we really like to keep it going. So to keep the tunes coming, we've got an interesting take on a modern hit song for you this time. Check it out.

The very cool take on Jay-Z & Kanye West's hit song was performed by experimental music group cdza, who have been featured here on The Feed previously for musical history lessons in whistling, nonsensical lyrics and a musical play on Facebook. 

Another amazing experiment that has definitely earned another triple-rainbow salute from us here at The Feed for a group that we have come to love (and hope you all do, too).  To check out more from cdza, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.