Peruvian festival lets fighting solve problems

Two Peruvian children trade jabs during the annual "fighting festival" called Takanakuy in Chumbivilcas, Peru, Dec. 11, 2011.
Think of it as Peru's answer to Festivus but without the pole.

A Peruvian community gathered earlier this week for an annual festival that at first glance appears to combine the feats-of-strength and airing-of-grievances aspects of the made-up holiday from the sitcom "Seinfeld" but actually comes from the Incans, the Reuters news agency reported.

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Festivus is here: Time to air grievances

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During Sunday's "fighting festival," called Takanakuy, people aim to start over with a clean slate by looking like they want to clean each other's clock.

"People who are angry or who have a conflict with someone wait for this," festival-partaker Ricardo Mena told Reuters. "Now they can fight. Everything is solved here and after we are all friends. There's no grudge later. They don't fight again further down the line."

Men, women and even kids put up their dukes in the town of Chumbivilcas around 700 miles from the capital city of Lima. Folk music and dancing are also performed during the festival.

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