Penn State suspends fraternity after student found unconscious

Another Penn State frat controversy

A Penn State fraternity is under investigation in connection to another dangerous underage drinking incident at the school. The Delta Tau Delta fraternity is suspended after police found a student last week, who had allegedly been drinking there, unconscious. 

The university recently passed stricter fraternity rules in response to pledge Timothy Piazza's death after an alleged hazing ritual at the Beta Theta Pi house. Fourteen students are facing charges.

Penn State's stricter Greek life rules went into effect six weeks ago, reports CBS News' Jericka Duncan. The university's Office of Student Conduct is investigating whether students supplied the underage student with alcohol. It's still unclear if it was a friend, member of the fraternity or a stranger who flagged down police for help.

Police say the 18-year-old was found unconscious at 1:30 in the morning last Friday near a parking lot about six blocks from the Delta Tau Delta house.

In a statement, Penn State said: "The potential involvement of Delta Tau Delta is very disturbing news, given all of the recent efforts and education that have gone into emphasizing student safety."

Penn State pledge victim's parents hope trial can help end hazing

The reforms include a temporary ban on social functions involving alcohol, a zero-tolerance policy on hazing and random checks on Greek organizations. Some students are not surprised to see another frat under fire for alcohol use.

"It's a common thing in college campuses whether it be Greek life, if you're talking about drinking, there's a lot of drinking on college campuses in this country," said Penn State student Bryan Buschner.

"It'll just get sneakier and sneakier if you add more policies on top of it like it's not going away," said another student, Erica Jones. 

But Timothy Piazza's father, Jim, says he's already hearing stories of students changing their behavior. 

"We actually received a text earlier this morning from a friend and they've already made a pact that if they're asked to do anything that they're uncomfortable with or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, they're going to leave, they are going to say no.That's what we need kids doing. We need kids to say no to this type of behavior," Jim said.   

In a statement, Delta Tau Delta said, "The health and safety of our members and guests remain a top priority. We share the University's commitment to student well-being. Recognizing the concerns that led to the chapter's interim suspension by the University, we will continue to work closely with them during the review of this situation."

Timothy Piazza's parents said they hope Penn State will act swiftly and meaningfully.