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Patti Scialfa's 'Lullaby'

Twenty years ago, Patti Scialfa hit it big when Bruce Springsteen asked her to join his world-famous, E Street Band. Seven years later, she made bigger news when she and Springsteen got married.

Now, Scialfa has decided to revisit her early musical roots with the release of her second solo album, "23rd Street Lullaby."

She performed the title song, "You Can't Go Back" and "Rose" for The Early Show Summer Concert series.

The name of the album comes from one of Scialfa's addresses in the past. "It's in Chelsea," she tells co-anchor Rene Syler and notes she lived in the trendy New York neighborhood for 10 or 15 years before she moved to New Jersey.

"Before Bruce and I got together," she says. "These songs are all about just living there when I was younger."

Her first solo effort, "Rumble Doll," was in 1993. Why has it taken her so long to release another album? "I've been busy," she says, being "wife, mother, lover."

Scialfa and Springsteen have been married for 13 years and their kids are ages 13, 12, and 10. Asked if her children think she's cool and listen to her music, Scialfa says with a smile, "It's sad, very sad. No."

So what's next for the E Street Band? "My lips are sealed," Scialfa says. "We're like the CIA over here."

The songs from the new album are;

"23rd Street Lullaby"
"City Boys"
"You Can't Go Back"
"Yesterday's Child"
"Stumbling To Bethlehem"
"Each Other's Medicine"
"State of Grace"
"Chelsea Avenue"
"Young in the City"
"23rd Street Lullaby" (Live)
"Spanish Dancer" (Live)
"As Long As I" (Can Be With You) (Live)

Fast Facts About Patti Scialfa:

  • Graduated from Asbury Park High School, then moved to Greenwich Village, then Chelsea
  • Joined the E Street Band in 1984 on its "Born in the USA" tour.
  • Has been married to Springsteen for 13 years.
  • They have three children (Evan 13, Jessica 12, and Sam 10)

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