Passage: Charles Neville and Bob Dorough

"Sunday Morning" looks back at the musical accomplishments of two gifted jazz artists who died this week, Charles Neville and Bob Dorough.

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It happened this past week ... the loss of two jazz musicians who each left his mark:

Bob Dorough died this past Monday.

A pianist and singer, Dorough broke through starting in 1973 with his "Schoolhouse Rock" videos on Saturday morning TV … catchy songs that taught lessons, "Conjunction Junction" among them:

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar - Conjunction Junction Music Video by Disney Educational Productions on YouTube

Bob Dorough was 94.

We learned Friday of the death of saxophonist Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers Band.

Born in New Orleans, Charles and his three brothers formed their band in 1977 -- a unique blend of jazz and blues and other musical styles that was all their own.

In a CBS News interview back in 1989, Charles Neville told us their band of brothers was on a mission:

"Part of the message we are delivering is a message of love, and a message of our love for what we're doing," he said.
To hear the Neville Brothers perform "Congo Square," featuring Charles Neville on sax, click on the player below:

Congo Square by The Neville Brothers - Topic on YouTube

Charles Neville was 79.