Parscale: TV news "thought I was a joke"

What happened when Brad Parscale went to TV news organizations, including CBS News, to predict a Trump victory? More of Parscale's 60 Minutes interview

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On 60 Minutes this week, Lesley Stahl interviewed a man few people have heard of-- Brad Parscale.

He was an influential player in the Trump campaign, working behind the scenes as a sort of secret weapon, reports Stahl. Parscale was hired to run the digital team but eventually came to oversee advertising, data collection, and much of the campaign's fund-raising. Months after this piece first aired, he was named campaign manager for President Trump's 2020 re-election bid.

Parscale told Stahl that in the weeks leading up to the election he saw evidence that Trump would win, and he became certain of victory the Wednesday before the election. Parscale says he took that message to his campaign's leadership, to Trump himself, and to television news organizations -- including CBS News.

What happened in those conversations is the subject of this week's 60 Minutes Overtime feature, posted in the video player above.

60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl interviews Brad Parscale, digital director for the Trump 2016 campaign (since named campaign manager for his 2020 re-election run). CBS News

The video above was originally published on October 8th, 2017.