Paris Sets The Record Straight On "Ellen"

On Nov. 28, Paris Hilton, international superstar turned fashion designer, presents Ellen DeGeneres with her new affordable clothing line, including jeans.
Mike Rozman / Warner Bros.
It's not surprising to hear that jetsetter Paris Hilton doesn't know what time zone she's in, but it's surprising to hear of places where she hasn't made her presence known - especially with her routine of smiling, posing and seducing the cameras.

Hilton, who's fresh off a two-week long visit to Russia, Tokyo, China, and Korea, which was previously unknown territory to her, made an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

While abroad, it wasn't all about partying it up, it was about promoting her business.

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"Just promoting my clothing lines. My fragrance. Just finished a film", Hilton told DeGeneres. "Going around the world traveling. I've never been to China. I've never been to Korea. It was cool to visit those places."

Hilton, who has evolved into a fashion icon, has quite the following and is recognized all over the world.

"Some of the teenage girls when they come to the signings, or my appearances, they'll die their hair blond. They have little Chihuahuas. It's really cute," Hilton said.

DeGeneres questioned Hilton about the strange yet comical rumors that have been swirling around in the tabloids lately.

According to DeGeneres, Hilton was quoted as saying "The elephants get drunk all the time and it's becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them."

"I read that too and I was like, how would an elephant get alcohol in the first place. Why would I talk about that? Why do I care if an elephant got drunk? Can an elephant get drunk? I've never talked about that in my life," she said.

Hilton claimed that she has never heard of such an occurrence and said that people always put words into her mouth.

The tabloids even stooped so low as to discuss her plans after death. Hilton was quoted as saying "It's so cool, all the cells in your body are still alive when death is pronounced and if you're immediately cooled, you can be perfectly preserved. My life could be extended by hundreds and thousands of years."

Hilton denied ever making those comments and pointed out to DeGeneres that she doesn't speak that way. This made the audience laugh.

"I don't want to be frozen. It's kind of creepy," Hilton said.

When the tabloids first began harping on Hilton, she said she would be really hurt and cry. However, over the years Hilton has developed a tough skin, which is essential for survival in Hollywood - a town that eats up and spits out celebrities.

"These stories just get blown out of proportion. I just laugh at it now. It's literally comedy," Hilton said.

On the other hand, she is still human.

"It's hard because when people know me and see me I'm a lot different than the character they make me out to be," Hilton confided in Ellen. "Obviously I get hurt, but I try to be strong. You have to be living in this town."

Hilton has been brought back down to earth with her longtime friend Nicole Richie's pregnancy.

"She looks so breathtaking. So happy," Hilton said. "Her tummy's like this big. It was kicking her during lunch. I can't believe she's having a baby."

After just throwing a baby shower for Richie, Hilton is beginning to look at things in a different light and said that she eventually wants to have a baby, but doesn't have anyone to have one with.

"I'm single but I'm dating around. I'm looking. It's really hard to find guys in LA.," Hilton said. "It's really hard but I'm a really good judge of character really fast."

By Melissa Castellanos